Five Elements teach you election ring ( a )

Five Elements teach you election ring (a)
Fingertips on metal, wood, water, fire, is the five elements choose to wear the ring. Five fingers and five elements to match the number of rings with different fingers, has a different meaning; different five elements of color, shape, material ring with the finger also has five elements transporter efficacy, especially with a lifetime represents the commitment of marriage ring, is not at liberty to wear. Ring match talking about this from the five elements hand pick a ring most transit significance for everyone. Face divided into five elements, in fact, palmistry also points to the five elements of wood shaped hand long and pointed slightly cyan, the soil shaped hand deep yellowish water shaped swollen hand pan-black bias, white and thin gold-shaped hand Founder the fire shaped hand bones all now ,ugg 3352...... each hand shape can be different according to their need to find the right ring. How to choose to wear the rings, to follow some principles. As I grams for fiscal (primary wealth), g I by official (the main cause of transportation), generates is printed (main elegant transportation); the longer simple point, urging Cai Yun-shaped five elements necessary according to their own hands select elements of grams. In the case of wood palmistry, soil five grams of behavior, so I chose Hijikata ring - that yellow square features or set with topaz, yellow amber ring; prosperous career shipped select grams own hand five elements elements, that is, according to the principle of five elements, gold shaped ring - that white, circular or ring inlaid with Moonstone, Tridacna; must select their five elements of wood raw Wang Wang elegant transportation, - water, black, blue wave-shaped or encrusted ring of Hainan Bao, obsidian, the remaining four Five Hand Ring pairing method, see the following table: the five elements hand line shipped direction suitable for use specific ring the five elements characteristic ring gem recommended Jinwang fiscal wood shaped ring green strip grandmother stone, the Green Phantom prosperous cause of fire-shaped ring red triangle ruby, amethyst the Mong elegant earth-shaped ring yellow square topaz yellow the amber water wangcai fire-shaped ring red triangle ruby, purple Crystal Wang career the Hijikata Ring yellow square topaz, yellow amber Wangari elegant gold shaped ring white, round moon stone, the of Tridacna fire wangcai gold shaped ring white, round moon stone, the Tridacna Mong cause water-shaped ring black blue , wavy Hainan treasure, elegant wood-shaped ring of green obsidian Wang, the long strip grandmother stone, the Green Phantom the soil wangcai water shaped ring black blue, wavy Hainan Bao obsidian prosperous career wood shaped ring green strip grandmother stone Green Phantom Mong elegant fire-shaped ring red triangle ruby, amethyst

Shoes controlled drying new Cargo slightly !

Smug the next!Shoes controlled drying new Cargo slightly ! Smug the next!
Love the shoes in the United States and the United States were not resonate ~ ~ love shoes become addicted , ah ! Online shopping more months moonlight . . . But we have one pair of shoes, love heart ah ! Out of the box slightly ~ finally received excellent network box friends to excited ah ! Ado , the sun shoes to double great love ! This shoes shoes shoes control I do not have tried it ! Saw the infinite heart water ah ! The an impulse accept to see the kind I really did not let me down ! Various beauty ~ Blue Good ! With a dark skirt or jeans , the absolute highlight ! Good goods ,Mini UGG Bailey Button! Absolutely have to charge ! Pink ballet shoes to fresh matte finish ah! There are no one to see you very, very love ? Flat shoes suitable to go out shopping or something easily good to go and look good . The small meat caught Forgive me , focus on shoes ~ very Xianbai not ? Nude color sweeping ~ how can you miss it ? ! Must defeat the rough with the design of a pair of ~ ~ is this year's is greatly hot to look 10cm high heels have really thick with the presence also become well take it to the United States and the United States usually do not wear high heels can easily control Oh !

Jackboot + woolen jacket out and LOOK

Jackboot + woolen jacket out and LOOK
In winter clothing , woolen coat with boots in fact be regarded as important a part of , but a lot of girls but shunned it because it is not fashionable modern . But in fact, as long as you choose the appropriate style and thickness , then a reasonable mix , will be able to make it glow with the vitality of fashion . Front lace lace thick heeled sexy boots Gaotong United States before the coarse - heeled boots Korean version of sexy Gaotong US crude color high-heeled , the MM love Oh , very suitable for leg curvy MM , with tight pants or shorts , super the United States , the simple models . Low boots mouth fluff decorative side low with the Korean version of high boots the boots mouth fluff decorative square with high boots , wear it casual fashion unique cute flanging design , lovely waitress who can not resist the popular elements oh . Korean patent leather fluff space high boots Korean patent leather high boots fluff space , the super popular classic plain style ,Mini UGG Bailey Button. The grand debut again , praise the design of color thick crust with the enduring classic shopping choice Oh , good texture , like boots do not miss . Decorative lace belt buckle high boots Korean version of the belt buckle decorated lace high boots , the boots are optional leather material , very high-end , ultra - stylish belt buckle design , workmanship definitely regarded as a first in this price products. The Korean star rough heeled knee boots Korean star crude heeled jackboot , the soft texture of the cortex , enhance the elegant atmosphere , simple and elegant models , highlighting the OL the workplace ably demeanor . With a long coat , Slim trousers , more spirit and elegance . The front lace buckle barreled hasp barreled Korean lace high boots , calf refined a Boots high boots , soft texture , simple and elegant , and even more handsome metal clasp .

The thieves steal green mango Kids PK liar diary exposure six bedroom feng shui taboos Paul home a h

Thief to steal the green mango children's clothing PK liar the Diary exposure the six bedroom feng shui taboos Paul home , The green mango children's clothing vomiting liar taboo : electrical power and more children's clothing Uh-oh liar , green mango , especially the TV is on the bed foot electrical too much in the feng shui bedroom luxury villa bedroom feng shui taboos called for the affect health. Ancient medical education and practice also refers to no the the electrical radiation exact against my body healthy , green mango children's clothing jingle liar . Foot own heart , if the TV is in standby status on the foot of the bed , and its radiation more easily affect one leg meridians shipped Speaking of blood reincarnation . Boye initiatives : multi- lift electrical Akira bedroom playing PP liar , green mango million children's clothing , especially not to the TV is on the foot of the bed , green mango Kids Management liar Mini UGG Bailey Button, do not apply interpolation off the power . 1 [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] Next final page Happy Valentine's Day The extremely cold weather the past two days in Beijing , on the steps instantly be able to feel the cold power of walking in the streets of the Royal Park . Spent so many years in Shanghai , where the cold is a name for me against the cold the best clothing is the down jacket . Every year as long as a cold , I will as soon as possible on board down jacket , otherwise this year , it is easy to cough . Sun dress today is not well - dressed , is my daily life in casual wear , although such was also a friend Joking shoes too exaggerated , not suitable for normal wear , extreme differences , he , wearing happy enough . A by Valentine's Day to you Friends Road : Happy Valentine's Day ! Sweetly wish love friends , friends who love knot as early favorite of the people .

Elegant simplicity male jacket fashion movement wh

Elegant simplicity male jacket fashion movement whirlwind staged
Many male friends intense discussion in the end for that one , business , leisure , sports or gentleman , but in the fall of this year , quite popular in sports wind system . 2011 men's winter seasonal is in full swing , it is the continuation of the movement style , the next step is to recommend this casual men continue to be a vibrant sense of jumping to the main theme , fit , elegant , to add elegant pigments in black, white and gray on the basis of sound and pastel colors make leisure fusion , in the civilian fashion circles whipped up a whirlwind burst of fashion sports . Men 's official website Makaxini this fashion originated in the pat community , one entitled there are 195,604 people to view, 25440 , transvestites the protagonist MARCCASNE Makaxini brand is also a passing fire . Well, said so much, to introduce the following under this progressive Makaxini the new sports and leisure men jacket . Lining Material: Polyester Fabric Material : Polyester Style Details : Rib bottom pendulum Process : mercerized for the crowd : the youth price range :301- 600 yuan Brand : Marccasne玛卡西尼玛Cassini jacket is a full movement of the wind casual, fine grid to create clothing and body that is rich in visual , given its atmospheric trend fashion sense , the movement lively hood design , and prohibit the the cuff hem are very fashion design movement ,ugg 3352. Choose a simple T-shirt as within ride , again similar to the color washed jeans , wear casual shoes this fall , we travel together .

Summer Come to various matte finish skirt wearing

Summer Come to various matte finish skirt wearing
Summer to buy a lot summer drops of clothes , skirts , high heels to shoot more freely , and all of you to look at the Kazakh O'VAN nude pink silk pleated vintage dress elegant lady style , silk , good work is enough . The skirt the super soft misslady high color vest dress this good-looking , and super good material , usually I rarely wear so colorful skirt , this time wearing the details of the amount to feel quite nice also done well partysu back system buckle halter dress pink back waist halter , sexy . The material is also quite good , work is praise to relatively pure that girls can try partysu elegant V-neck dress pink dress, until the shoes here ~ ~ mm of Tuicu can try to to this very temperament . Noble feeling shoes can wear clothing with simple BQUEEN sparkling rhinestone shoes , I love ah , 15cm high heels lace stitching high quality suit is very nice , especially to see the details , very special sleeves , Super Princess Wind nice ! COCO aristocratic style sleeveless dress black , aristocratic style skirt , and white , but the black look better I think . This skirt skirt doing very thick ,Mini UGG Bailey Button, the awesome Partysu strapless Polka Dot Dress skirt slightly shorter , but good to see a very special Oh strapless design , small sexy pasty folds flounced Polka Dot wrap hip dress suitable ol Oh, package hip skirt below the texture slightest the slippery O'VAN Hepburn wind black silk bud Puff dress better Kane in kind , I was crumpled , flat wear out super temperament . Silk , a few skirts , this is the best to buy a new the flower stockings BQUEEN gold butterfly high heels look good behind the golden butterfly . My microblogging :

Handsome cool frock boots! The type female essential HOT single product

Handsome and capable tooling boots, but the feeling of fall with wild single product, whether it is with the skirt or trousers can wear clothing with a kujin immediately in footwear part. This fall, trendy fashion, of course you can not miss the tooling boots with. Like sweet A-line skirt, sexy Slim dress, or Retro what it feels like to not knitted pullovers with the tooling boots have it out together!
The flounced court Hua Guili collared shirt , turned romantic retro French girl ! Shoulders , cuffs and stand-up collar , pleated expansion port sleeve and lapel before cascading flouncing echoed exudes classical beauty breath ! Comfortable, breathable , silky feel , ladies temperament , demeanor , dress of choice for classic , flowing lines , unique and elegant design won a majority of pro- OL who squint ! Memories Morning , reminds many of the old things , others say memories are not a good thing , remembered reading when years , think of junior high school and high school , especially when the days of high school , how to think just yesterday, love memories of others that proved to be the old performance is not really old , I think a lot of past things , occasionally a little sad and occasionally silly smile , memories of happiness.
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