Handsome cool frock boots! The type female essential HOT single product

Handsome and capable tooling boots, but the feeling of fall with wild single product, whether it is with the skirt or trousers can wear clothing with a kujin immediately in footwear part. This fall, trendy fashion, of course you can not miss the tooling boots with. Like sweet A-line skirt, sexy Slim dress, or Retro what it feels like to not knitted pullovers with the tooling boots have it out together!
The flounced court Hua Guili collared shirt , turned romantic retro French girl ! Shoulders , cuffs and stand-up collar , pleated expansion port sleeve and lapel before cascading flouncing echoed exudes classical beauty breath ! Comfortable, breathable , silky feel , ladies temperament , demeanor , dress of choice for classic , flowing lines , unique and elegant design won a majority of pro- OL who squint ! Memories Morning , reminds many of the old things , others say memories are not a good thing , remembered reading when years , think of junior high school and high school , especially when the days of high school , how to think just yesterday, love memories of others that proved to be the old performance is not really old , I think a lot of past things , occasionally a little sad and occasionally silly smile , memories of happiness.



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