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Couples how to become a lifelong lover
The teacher said: 80% of households in the U.S. upper class is not divorced, even if 20% of households in addition divorced, the duration of their marriage in 10 years ago. But our country on the contrary, China is often a high divorce rate of the upper class people, because of the money, think the wife is not pretty, not attractive, it changed. Alas! , A successful person, they tend to have the following qualities: honesty, integrity, educated with good social skills. Ideas. Spouse support 5. Efforts continued to work, happiness values. Happiness from Zhi only family harmony, the cause in order to have a better development. That is, the family first, career second. If you want happiness need to handle three relationships: 1. Interpersonal relations; human relationship with nature; 3 people with the spirit of the world, affecting factors of marriage. Loyalty 2. Responsibility of the teacher talked about A story embodies the meaning of responsibility. A company's CEO, is a very successful person. One day, his wife in a car accident, became a vegetative state. He is no longer working, every day, to accompany his wife to take care of his wife. Chairman of the board to find a CEO to go and talk to him, the chairman, said in the company's name to find several nanny to take care of his wife throughout the day, so that the CEO can have more time to take into account the work of the company. The CEO strongly opposed to the chairman, said: But the CEO said simply: So while both sides need to accept each other's advantages more to accept each other's shortcomings. need three aspects: understanding how considerate, caring, respected a man in this life is to who remember this sentence right woman to remember not to the tone of command to command your husband men to believe the adaptability of a woman, do not teach your wife to do things for a long time, she will form a dependent. 5. give each other full support four, marriage is a demand, the needs of men and women are different, and, according to the world authoritative system of First Instance men and women have their own top five and five demand hierarchical relationship of men five needs: A: Sex meet.: Play one needs to reflect the common interests, common language, such as her husband said, want to go fishing today, the wife must immediately put on sports shoes pick up a fishing rod If the wife to accompany her husband to play all of his favorite items, that he will look for other playmates? Even went to, he would have thought the wife at home in third place: wife attractive man with a vision of love and life, the woman is hearing and feeling of love and life. now a lot of women are morning her husband still in bed when the good makeup, dressed pretty clothes to go out at night so her husband returned home when his wife already unloaded good makeup, wearing their own dirty pajamas watching TV in the house. husband is sorry to see less than the most beautiful wife, when her husband friend said to him,ugg 3352, why there is such a high price underwear from dozens to tens of thousands have.? wear inside my coat, who can not see why you do? sisters think about this issue. fourth place: wife, mother, for a man, his wife at home taking care of babies and families, but this is only a man fourth demand. sisters, do not think you're married to blindly go for this family and children to pay, not our husband needs a nanny Think of a wife who was abandoned by her husband, most of them do their best for their families for the children to her husband in pay, but they are being dumped, after her husband filed for divorce they will be very surprised, The husband said, Ms. five needs: a: warmth, romantic, loving woman by hearing and feeling the love and life, precisely because it would have been thus giving rise to a lot of beautiful to us when really no IQ, not to judge and analyze, but that we women will listen to some of the man's girl, marry a rather ugly husband if you want your wife to love you, then, as a man, the first thing you need to do, is that second place: talk to (commonly known as: love chatter hundred) a woman's nature is nagging when a woman nagging, men often this time will feel very tired sense if you want to do better when not heard, left ear, right ear out if done bad man would say can also be reflected in all aspects of life. goes wrong when the wife does not work, like the work of her husband talk discontent, when a good man should be feeling sympathetic understanding passed to her, and tell him that you also understand help her analyze and straighten her out, but when the wife said her husband work in the unhappy husband said will be suspicious of all you said before. fourth place: economic support. fifth: family commitments woman needs a man full commitment, such as her husband promised to accompany my wife to go shopping, to the mall, the husband to find the place, said to the mall becomes mall, you will find that the man took the bag often or mostly men's clothes, which is a woman is a reward for the husband of a full commitment. marriage advice. affirmative evidence to tell him (her) their children to do a lot of things, not asking for anything. Both husband and wife should be like a mother to treat the children the same state of mind to do something for the other 5. touch and sexual man often often done above 5:00, while a woman needs a man do but just before four o'clock six, the marriage of two concepts. marital happiness is operating out of like to do business like the bother operations. 2 men need to occupy, and women need to feel This article Source:



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