The Hai Jiashi brand discount women's advantage

The Hai Jiashi brand discount women's advantage
With the intense competition of the apparel industry is becoming increasingly severe , more brand transfer market positioning to attract customers to the style , quality, price , discount women quietly rising in a competition ,ugg 3352. Psychological level more in line with the mass of consumers to gain market share , consumers certainly . Our products are from a second-tier brand , comply with all the requirements of the consumers , regardless of the quality of the clothing , style or price , Hai Jiashi have a huge mass destruction . Hai Jiashi as compared to the discount women , and first-line brand , the advantages are obvious : the low-end price , high-end quality , rich in style . So-called low-cost is the selling price is usually between 3-3.8 % off of the retail price of the original manufacturer , the price is lower than the the brand original dealer price , the purchase price is lower than the cost price advantage in sales , as the retail price is very prominent ; while high the quality is because our goods are all brand original single- exchange standard , quality , workmanship is a high-end brand Women ; many varieties lies Hai Jiashi compiled from multiple brands , products rich in style , usually quarterly models up to 1000 . Brand season up to 150-200 style .



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