Five Elements teach you election ring ( a )

Five Elements teach you election ring (a)
Fingertips on metal, wood, water, fire, is the five elements choose to wear the ring. Five fingers and five elements to match the number of rings with different fingers, has a different meaning; different five elements of color, shape, material ring with the finger also has five elements transporter efficacy, especially with a lifetime represents the commitment of marriage ring, is not at liberty to wear. Ring match talking about this from the five elements hand pick a ring most transit significance for everyone. Face divided into five elements, in fact, palmistry also points to the five elements of wood shaped hand long and pointed slightly cyan, the soil shaped hand deep yellowish water shaped swollen hand pan-black bias, white and thin gold-shaped hand Founder the fire shaped hand bones all now ,ugg 3352...... each hand shape can be different according to their need to find the right ring. How to choose to wear the rings, to follow some principles. As I grams for fiscal (primary wealth), g I by official (the main cause of transportation), generates is printed (main elegant transportation); the longer simple point, urging Cai Yun-shaped five elements necessary according to their own hands select elements of grams. In the case of wood palmistry, soil five grams of behavior, so I chose Hijikata ring - that yellow square features or set with topaz, yellow amber ring; prosperous career shipped select grams own hand five elements elements, that is, according to the principle of five elements, gold shaped ring - that white, circular or ring inlaid with Moonstone, Tridacna; must select their five elements of wood raw Wang Wang elegant transportation, - water, black, blue wave-shaped or encrusted ring of Hainan Bao, obsidian, the remaining four Five Hand Ring pairing method, see the following table: the five elements hand line shipped direction suitable for use specific ring the five elements characteristic ring gem recommended Jinwang fiscal wood shaped ring green strip grandmother stone, the Green Phantom prosperous cause of fire-shaped ring red triangle ruby, amethyst the Mong elegant earth-shaped ring yellow square topaz yellow the amber water wangcai fire-shaped ring red triangle ruby, purple Crystal Wang career the Hijikata Ring yellow square topaz, yellow amber Wangari elegant gold shaped ring white, round moon stone, the of Tridacna fire wangcai gold shaped ring white, round moon stone, the Tridacna Mong cause water-shaped ring black blue , wavy Hainan treasure, elegant wood-shaped ring of green obsidian Wang, the long strip grandmother stone, the Green Phantom the soil wangcai water shaped ring black blue, wavy Hainan Bao obsidian prosperous career wood shaped ring green strip grandmother stone Green Phantom Mong elegant fire-shaped ring red triangle ruby, amethyst



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